Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Final Blog: Cancer Free

With exception of the first blog, this is likely the most difficult blog I have written. It is so easy to blog the facts about upcoming doctors appointments and long term strategies. But it is very difficult to use a blog to return the love our family felt from our supporters during our year long journey. I only hope I can be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and community servant as a result of this experience in an effort to repay my gratitude. We will never forget the prayers, cards, calls and all around support from all of you.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Woman at the Washington Zoo

The Woman at the Washington Zoo is a compilation of writings by Marjorie Williams. I was instructed by the dear friend who lent me the book to be sure to read section 3 a Cancer Memoir (she is actually known more for her writings on politics). Her thoughts and feelings were so similar to mine that it was a very strange experience to if someone else, years earlier, were writing about me. If you are curious about what it must be like to go through this experience as a relatively young mother, read at your own risk....Marjorie Williams writes brilliantly and proves that all my crazy thoughts and fears are indeed common for those who have this experience. I've tried to blog my gratitude and the medical facts without leaking too much emotion, so I'm cheating and letting Marjorie Williams share the emotions for those who choose to read.

On a lighter note and back to the facts...we are headed to Nebraska next week to get my results. Everyone is optimistic that the news will be good. We should know by Tuesday evening and Mickey will likely send an email update. Rick Hall, if you are reading this, I have lost your contact drop me an email at when you have a chance :)