Saturday, October 13, 2007

Getting Wiggy

For those of you haven't had the experience of witnessing my wig, I have posted a picture from the pumpkin patch. I have recently acquired a platinum blond wig that is super cool too, so I guess I can still go incognito? :)

Thanks to Jaimee at Mary Lou's Garden in Watkinsville! She runs a wonderful boutique :)

Chemo V-Come on Blood Return...

Well chemo V was not fun as I expected. We began with the dreaded lack of blood return. I'll spare the details, but basically, if there isn't blood return they can't do the chemo and you have to go to the hospital for a long day of fluids....then come back for chemo.

Since my chemo lasts all day and I barely make it through the whole course if everything goes well, chemo V has turned into a 2 day event. Both days there was trouble with the blood return, but it was ultimately resolved. Hopefully this does not indicate a future problem for the final chemo VI?

The nausea, fatigue, headache, chest pain, the works were there for both days. It is around 5 am and I am basically awake for the first time since noon yesterday.

Walker doesn't understand how I can be getting better and seem to feel so much worse....I guess it is just b/c there isn't much cancer left to fight??!!! Works for me :)

Tumor Size

The tumor size is now less than 1/2 the original size. This is fantastic news as it is based on a PET/CT after only 3 treatments. It is still likely that I will have to have radiation, but not certain.