Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I have been home for a week and it has been really wonderful! It is nice to have the family back together after 10 long weeks of being apart. The next step is to wait approximately 60 days to see if the transplant worked. In the meantime, they are checking my counts once a week to be sure they are coming up. Last WBC was 2.2 which is good for this stage of the transplant.

Thanks to Mary Ann for the PJs and to Katie for the Easter surprise for my last days in NE and to everyone's cards, emails and calls!

It is great to be home!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Quickie Post....

WBC are 0.5 and that is considered finally in the realm of making WBCs. We are late on the production which has been worrisome. Also, I'm fighting a common infection which is keeping me out of the communication loop. No real ETA yet, but we are now starting to head back in the right direction. My email is still a major problem, so thanks for your patience!

Thanks to David for the doo rags (congratulations on the huge job!) Dana H. for the calming CD, Dana W. for the cool pics of the past, Helene for the sweet card and the great book, Pam P. for the awesome package from Alaska..super cool! Betty B. for the photos from the aquarium and for letting Walker crash grandparents day :) To Stephen for the special package of love from home and for being the family ROCK!!!! Thanks and lots of Love to all of you, Laurel