Sunday, November 18, 2007

Putting a Positive Spin on a Positive PET

Here it goes:

  • The size of the tumor and the uptake (cancer) shrank 20% from the last PET. The tumor is 4 cm and the uptake is 5.8.

  • I have pneumonitis but we caught my pneumonitis early b/c it showed up on the PET just as I started to have symptoms.

  • I had already prepared myself that 8 treatments and radiation were possibilities

Thanks to those of you who have let me take my positive attitude hat off for a couple of days. I'm trying to find it....I know it is around here somewhere :) :)

To lighten the mood here is a goofy yet much requested photo of the "blonde" wig!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Path Forward

11/15/07 - ARMC for PET/CT
11/20/07 - Dr. Heffner @ Emory for follow up
11/28/07 - Visit to University of NE Medical Center to see Dr. Armitage and Dr. Enke
12/03/07 - Follow up with Dr. Vrana

If the pet is positive, there may be more chemo in the future. Based on the original size of my tumor, radiation is very likely.

Chemo VI

The last trip to club chemo (we hope)! Started off a little worrisome with no blood return. I was fully prepared to go to the hosptial to have my port cleared, but in a final attempt by the AWESOME nurse MARCI...we had blood return. We actually completed chemo VI in one day. My nausea was somewhat controlled by this great drug Dr. Vrana prescribed: Emend. Also, I've had some improvement from Neurotin (it all may be in my head, but whatever works!). Overall, chemo VI...not so bad since we are cautiously optimistic that this may be the last one!