Wednesday, April 9, 2008

100 Day Countdown

I'm day 49 from transplant and day 100 is my follow up visit. Some of you know that I have been pretty negative about the follow up PET. Planning for worst case scenario is a bad habit of mine. However, yesterday my radiation oncologist projected a clean PET as has my local doctor. I think I'm finally accepting that I could really be cured! Please continue to pray as we are in the final stretch!!! (for those of you keeping up with my counts they were 2.7 yesterday and Dr. Heffner was so satisfied that he only wants to check my labs twice more before my trip back to NE....great news)

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lcgranger888 said...

You are doing GREAT, Laurel! So glad to hear it. :)

We found a handy website for organizing helpful friends who want to "DO something, anything!" It is:

Rick is at +42 today. :) Do call us, if you get a chance, when you're in Omaha next. Would love to reconnect with you.

Linda Granger and Rick Hall